My Interview with BFM Radio on Webcamp KL

Seh Hui Leong


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I was interviewed on BFM Radio together with Wu Han during noontime today 😊 – talking about Webcamp KL, which is a community that I’m actively participating in.

During the show, we talk about how Webcamp KL got started, what makes Webcamp valuable and our mission to nurture a community of great people who are passionate about technology.

Check out the full interview below. My part kicked in at the latter part of the show as I let Wu Han be the main spokesperson during the interview. 😊

WebCamp α - Kickstart 2011 with Your Own Startup (with Full Audio Recording)

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Seh Hui Leong


WebcampKL logo

Recently I’m totally into Webcamp KL, an active community and unconference event with people who are passionate about anything web/Internet.

Yesterday’s monthly event is a total blast with successful entrepreneur and angel/scout Chris Hong and two founders of a young startup called Wootfood, TJ Tee and Clayton, sharing their lessons and experience in building products and successfully launching their startups.

I have the whole session recorded using my iPod Touch and quality is surprisingly good as a guerrilla recording device. If you are interested in startups, download and listen to the full, 2-hour audio recording.