Caging Oneself

'Caging Oneself' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Bolting up
It’s easy to lock myself in
Shielded away from the outside world

Feeling secure
Despite knowing it’s only my illusion
In a world that doesn’t seem to care

It’s perfectly fine
Staying inside, wallowing in a sea of gray
For a while — for a cloud to slowly pass by

The existence of the bolting lock
And a world that’s colored by myself

Time to get out… Unlock

Phuket Adventures #4: A Few Short Stories

Seh Hui Leong


Here are a few short stories that I couldn’t quite tie into the three-part travelogue that I had written up. You could read the previous entries here:

  • [Part 1: Adventures of a Novice Traveler][part1]
  • [Part 2: The Rainy Season][part2]
  • [Part 3: Under the Sea][part3]

Camera Panic! – A Blessing in Disguise

Every adventure has its unexpected moments: my first happened just before I set off to Phuket.

Like any other traveler, I always keep a list of things to pack and made sure that I had everything I needed. As I thought everything is perfectly as planned, Murphy’s law proved otherwise. Checking my gear almost gave me a heart attack: the battery for camera decided to pass away peacefully without me realizing it. As a photography enthusiast, a camera with dead …

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Phuket Adventures #3: Under the Sea

'Invitation to Sit' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


'Carressing the Sand' by Seh Hui

You could only claimed to have visited Phuket after you’d soaked yourself in the beautiful sea waters there. I can certainly testify for that.

After two days of touring, the skins around my body are itching to get into the sea waters. How one could resist? The crystalline waters, the sandy white beaches, the sounds of the waves… that’s my perfect paradise.

It’s really popular among tourists to go for a tour to Phi Phi island; I had decided on something different. I had spent some time studying Phi Phi tour itineraries when I was there and find them quite rushed with about seven spots to visit. Preferring a relaxed trip, I had decided to go for a tour to Khai islands.

'Invitation to Sit' by Seh Hui

The Khai islands are a group of three islands situated …

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Phuket Adventures #2: The Rainy Season

'Lone Rock' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


It’s July – the monsoon months in Phuket, a time when one would have to expect some wind, rain and rough seas. Although it’s a low season in Phuket, you’ll easily notice that this warning doesn’t hinder fellow travellers around the world to enjoy their getaway in this lovely land.

'Sea View' by Seh Hui

9 o’clock in the morning, our day started off with tints of gray, the skies are covered with an overcast of lumping clouds. As one would look up the skies with worried eyes, I could only notice how fast the clouds crawls from one side of the other with no sun in sight.

“I had signed up for a sight-seeing tour today…” I thought to myself, praying hard that I won’t be completely drenched by rain when I got back …

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Phuket Adventures #1: Adventures of a Novice Traveler

'A beautiful sculpture of a girl holding to a bowl, kneeling' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


'Bird's eye view on one of Phuket's Island' by Seh Hui

I’m seated quite comfortably during my flight, other than the fact my legs are twisted in a slightly odd angle to overcome the cramped space in front of me. Yet despite that, I felt like being on the edge of my seat: I’m having travel anxieties.

My brain was constantly reminded of the thought that it is my very first time planning for a trip and no amount of work I had done before seemed enough to quiet down the nagging thoughts that I could have missed something.

“Relax… take a deep breath”, I told myself, repeatedly, making a conscious attempt to calm my nerves down.

The humming of jet engines in the background was then interrupted by a cheerful voice through the intercom, “We’ll be arriving at Phuket in 15 minutes …

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