Working Remotely

'coffee @ filter' by ercwttmn, Flickr

Seh Hui Leong


It’s the fourth day of Chinese New Year: while the working classes are reporting back into their offices and started work, I’m still back with my parents. My laptop flipped open with the backlit display shining at me, my stationeries and notebook spread across the dining table among the containers of Chinese New Year snacks. I’ve made the dining table back home my remote office.

After a series of hackathons, I’m starting to experiment with how to work in remote locations — outside the comforts of office cubicles where everything is within reach and I never need to worry out running out of office supplies. It’s always about learning to deal with small desk spaces, less than optimal furniture in terms of ergonomics and tuning out ambient noises and distractions from …

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I Quit

'Trapeze' by Kevin Jones, Flickr

Seh Hui Leong


Quitting – even after my fourth job, I still feel the nervous and uncomfortable twitching sensation within myself. Every time as the thought darts its way through my brain, the calculating part of the brain keeps on churning the numbers: the risk and rewards, the financial projections and whether will there be a serious impact towards my bank and retirement accounts, is the discomforts, frustrations and agony justifies the departure… what if things turn for the better after that?

Most of the time, I always decided to do nothing about it: delaying the decision. After all, I’m still getting paid well and I don’t really have any immediate plans and safety nets that would make the departure a no-brainer.

And so I procrastinate for a while… or so I thought a few days back …

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Purging Treasured Possessions

Seh Hui Leong


Books I Donated

This is a photo of the books that are no longer with me and found their new home at Fluentspace – a great co-working space that has just started in Malaysia. No questions asked, no favours expected.

And these are books that I still feel very dear to my heart and it’s almost like giving my child away. I still remember the sections and passages that has completely altered my thought process and worldview: the knowledge imparted generously by these authors becoming part of who I am now and still acts like a guiding light for me.

Why I’ve decided to give them away? Well, the logical answer is that it’s one very long-overdued task on my to-do list – ever since I embraced the minimalist philosophy and my ideal is to own fewer …

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Slightly Radical Routine Changes

'Alarm Clock' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Am now making two small but radical changes in my daily routine:

  1. Swapping my gym days from Saturdays to Friday evenings
  2. Sleep early, rise early (like really early, more details later)

Due to my maximizing nature, any changes to my routine usually indicates some form of shift in my priorities.

My gym days used to be on Saturdays mainly for two reasons: one being that it forces me to go outdoors and be around people; and two being that it forces me to disconnect myself from the online world and give myself some room to rest, draw inspiration and enjoy life. So Saturdays tend to be my indulgent day where I’d spend some money to make myself happy in whatever ways that material stuff can give.

Switching my gym days to Fridays is more …

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Major Shifts – The Adventures Continues

'Facing Infinity, Gazing' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


A lot has happened in my two months of blogging absence: I just changed my job, gave a public presentation (and yes, it’s still sends shivers and trembles down my spine) and travelled to Australia.

What I have achieved is the past two months still feels surreal after everything has transcended. Not all of them ended well, well… the public presentation in particular, still I’m feeling the exhilaration that passed through every fibre in my body with these new experiences I’ve acquired.

To others, these seemed to be insignificant baby steps – yet through these actions and experience I gained a strong sense of empowerment that I’m taking control over my life.

As for what I’m currently doing, I’m now pushing my limits actively – one tiny bit at a time …

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Time IS money

Seh Hui Leong


'Google Spreadsheet screenshot'

Today I have shared this concept with one of my friends about the limited value of income as opposed to time, which is the tombstone principle of time management or personal development ideology.

I used the concept as presented by [Timothy Ferriss][4hww] in various talks to illustrate one application of your own hourly rate. I think the illustration would be starking enough to rethink about your concept of income and working overtime. (also as a very good reminder to myself :))

Now, assuming you are a highly paid but overworked personnel, overworking yourself to a schedule of 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. You earned a handsome salary of $8000 with an additional management incentive of 2.5 months for your good performance and effort. Doing the math:

  • Time spent (based on 50 …
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High productive workspace setup with dual monitors

Seh Hui Leong


'Illustration of my personal workspace setup' by Seh Hui

A month ago, I’m lucky to receive a 24” monitor to be used with my current laptop at work. Having heard about the raves of productivity increment of a multi-monitor setup first from the [late Randy Pausch’s (of “The Last Lecture” fame) Time Management lecture][timemgt], I was quite excited with the prospect of getting that productivity boost. As it turns out, having two monitors is just the first step - Knowing how to effectively use the setup is one that I have spent quite some time to experiment to get it right and starting to notice the convenience and improvement gains.

So , the whole point of this post is to share with you my own personal workspace setup which works for me, which I believe would help you to not only help you …

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