Django Documentation and Misadventures

Seh Hui Leong


Currently am learning [Django][django], which is a popular web framework in Python. And whichever framework I chose to learn, I greatly preferred having my documentation offline as I didn’t really find myself constantly offline (it helps to concentrate on my work, actually). In the case of Django, the documentation was provided in ReST text format (refer to the [FAQ entry][djfaq]) and it’s possible to generate a PDF version out of it.

… Well, until the fact that I found out that there’s no explicit mention on what to get to generate it.

Cutting a long story short (I’ll save the grueling details to myself), now you’d two options:

  1. [Download the PDF version here (Aug 1, 2009)][djpdf], which I generated from the recent Django 1.1 package
  2. Do it …
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