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Seh Hui Leong


'Coding for Food' by Seh Hui

Recently I have been initiating several personal projects on my own that there’s just a lot of hustle and bustle as I zoom from one work to the other. It has been a while I was this jacked up in getting something done, so actually I enjoyed what I’m experiencing at the moment even there are extremely frustrating times.

Anyway, two things that I have been working on for the past month and am still working on them:

  1. MutualTracker.com is a Malaysian Unit Trust/Mutual Fund tracking website, which at the moment only let you check historical prices and play with interactive price charts of Public Mutual funds. Eventually I’ll be keeping track of more unit trust funds in Malaysia and come up with tools and calculators that would let you see whether fund performance are really good (as the company claims) or completely sucks (like friends and family who felt completely cheated)
  2. A complete face lift of this blog - Wee! For one thing it’s way more colourful and it now doesn’t look fugly on Internet Explorer like the previous one did. Knocked out the whole theme for the whole day and it’s still a work-in-progress. Planning to shell out the details as I go along (and hope nothing breaks in the procress 😊 )

Now despite having two on-going projects (not including the ones at work 😊 ), my brain’s still on an overdrive and actually wanting to work on other project ideas (Uh-oh…). And there are quite a number of big life-decisions that I have to attend recently, which all came to me at once (talk about unexpected timing) – pretty overwhelmed myself, to be honest. Not to mention that it’s so scary that I’m actually actively deferring the few potentially life-changing ones.

Ah well…

Hopefully I’ll still be able to do regular post-ups on my latest card-art. I actually had them piling in my file actually.

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