Last Night a DJ Saved My Sense of Humour

Seh Hui Leong


'Uh… wait! Since when I got a fan club page?' by Seh Hui

Recently I was brought to attention by Eng Lee of a Facebook page that reads “The Felix Leong Fan Club”. Usually that wouldn’t have been interesting judging from the fact that “Felix Leong” was my lame attempt in coming up with an online nickname and there’s lots of Felix’es around. But what he found so amusing is that the group uses my self-drawn avatar as the image for the group!

And the group type reading “Common Interest - Sexuality” and a description of “DJ FeLLIo” added on the laughter it creates for myself and my friends: that’s enough to conjure me having an alter ego of becoming a DJ with a Canadian fanbase… and sexuality comes into the picture for some unknown reason (I’ll leave that to your imagination :-p).

Now, trying very hard to keep my narcissism at bay, I’m pretty sure that it’s some other Felix Leong and they may have got that image simply from a Google Image Search. But what really stroke me is about how avatars that I intended to represent my online identity was used for another person, whether intentional or not. Now, personally I’d say all my images that I have uploaded was already in some way or form being public domain and I’m OK with people using them (in fact, pretty much all my artwork posted on DeviantArt was CC-licensed, which allow everyone to freely use them). But in this situation I’m not sure whether I’d be comfortable of people using my avatar which is more of a self-portrait. Kinda felt as if my visual identity was stolen or sorts.

But just to amuse myself, that funny association of me as an introverted guy becoming a DJ is really fun to imagine – you know, spinning turntables under psychelledic lights while watching people dancing away energetically to the music. Probably I’d look something like this instead?

'Let's groove, baby!' by Seh Hui

I’d probably imagine myself playing quite a mix of genres: vocal trance, eurodance, Eurobeat, techno, soul house and funky house. That’d be an interesting imagination to indulge in, really.

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Seh Hui Leong

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