Today’s Drifting Thoughts: Trying Again

'Driving Towards' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Be careful to what you wish for, and make sure you notice any red flags when it seemingly becoming true.”

Seriously that’s not being paranoid but realistic, in fact I’m not implying that we should avoid mistakes but to actually look out and be prepared to whatever that lies ahead.

The other day I had a slight chat with Hui Ying, which goes like this (I only summarized my part of dialogue, since I think that’s the meat of the conversation):

Personally I’d say that just do whatever you feel is right, despite the fact that I’d testify that it’s easier said than done. Either way, fear only gets real when you perceive to be so, (therefore) personally I would say that developing personal courage is one of the most important challenge to learn along the way in life. That’s what I felt during my transition over to Cyberjaya.

Making changes in life often requires change in mindset as well, so I (also) personally believe it’s a matter of whether you are willing to change your own mindset.

I think adapting to physical changes is something we tend to get overly worried about. (But) In reality, our survival instincts actually supports us in getting over such matters. And i believe that good people are always around… or at least god fearing people :p”

In case (might be none, though) anyone is wondering why this post all of a sudden, just say that something happened that I really needed that reminder to myself. ^^|| sigh…

Well, time to move on again then :).

(P/S: Oh! By the way, I just got a twitter account. Not that I’d anything interesting in particular to be followed, but I will very likely be posting impromptu thoughts and ideas that I’d want to blog about later on)

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