Warming myself up to new challenges

Seh Hui Leong


'Realities in Life'

As life slowly transitioning to the next phase, new variables will be introduced while some will be eliminated. And sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that there’s challenges that you have to face at one point or the other.

In my case, I’m currently finding myself warming myself to the idea of driving and taking up a car loan to get my first car. Which, to most, is one of the most ecstatic experience you can get in life. To me… let’s just say that I’m overwhelmed, for the opposite reasons.

To be very frank, I dread driving - heck, it seemed set in my mind for quite a long time that the worst way to die is to die in a car accident. Inhumane torture would be even scarier, but I suppose it’s due to laws of probability that I fear the former most.

It doesn’t really help when I perceive myself to be quite absent-minded and I have painted quite a dramatic (traumatic? :p) image when I first practised my driving with my parents. And since then my driving license have been left to dust. To think I sort to get away with it all this while, with my less social lifestyle, the places that I frequent are really accessible by public transport and helpful friends when I needed their help in moving about.

I have to say it’s quite challenging to face up to such challenges, especially the fact that the negative energies that had been accumulated all this while against me being behind the steering wheel. Of lack of a better analogy, it’s really like fighting my own imaginary internal demons… which in reality I didn’t even own a car yet or the fact that I’ll end up driving is being finalized yet ^^||.

Guess I’m too worked up with the idea (or rather, possibility) of driving? Seemed like unnecessary stress seeing from that point of view.

Either way, I got to anticipate new variables in life from next month onwards and whatever that comes, I’ll work things out for the better.

(P/S: I have already terminated my Internet account, hence I was offline most of the time.)

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Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.