My New Pair of Working Shoes

Seh Hui Leong


'New Shoes'

… are Crocs :p.

Sort of my way to reward myself and the fact that my next job (which I anticipate to join in September) has a casual dress code. So there’s no better time to invest a good pair of shoes than now :p.

Anyway, actually it’s mainly because my aunt spoke highly about it and I would certainly want to know first hand on what this worldwide Crocs craze is all about :).

But for one thing their reputation of producing high quality shoes for comfort is in fact something that I can testify myself. Having walked the whole Midvalley for hours and making my legs aching enough to not ignoring it, just being in these shoes to test for size and comfort (you know, the customary test of walking a few circles in the store to see whether the size is right or not kind of thing?) gave instant results and have quite a significant relief on my legs. I’m so impressed that I don’t need to think twice on having it signed on my card :p.

… And having a pair of Obermain myself, I think I’d never buy cheap shoes again XDDD. The comfort of quality shoes are something that once you experienced it, you’ll never turn back again :p.

While being on topic on change, my emotions are starting to stabilize. At times I do feel a bit down and require some isolation from others, in case any of colleagues are reading this, I’m sorry about that ^^||. I’m slowly adapting all the little changes in my own life for the better and I have to say it’s still a learning experience for me. Pretty much to say that I’m learning to opening myself and have more confidence when I’m among people, so I’m working towards and hoping for the best I’d grasp :).

P/S: The title of Chapter 7 has been decided and I’m working on the transition poem right now. Which means I’m starting and looking foward to move on the next stage in life. Till then, the journey continues :).

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Seh Hui Leong

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