Calculating Reality

Seh Hui Leong


'Calculating Reality' by Seh Hui

Let me introduce you something closest to me: To your left, that’s what’s I’m facing every month.

OK… that’s… personal.” some may have said, and probably the last thing anyone would like to even care about somebody else’s expenses sheet, which came also to be known as the “budget”. (At least I don’t find the picture personal to myself since what’s legible is probably the big numbers and probably with good eyes you can read the name of two charity bodies that I supported, the name of the gym that I joined and some broad categories that I listed there. None of them personal unless one wants to know which gym to stalk me LOLOL)

Despite the notion of having a budget, I’m pretty lenient with the surplus of my monthly salary and by all means I live pretty comfortably and took pride of a decent and fun lifestyle. So personally I find comfort by the fact that I foresee all my expenses ahead of time and and being able to make quick decisions on “fun spending” without consulting my bank balance without worries.

And the only thing that would really keep my brains whacking out plans is when there’s a big ticket item that I wanted.

'Item of Desire :p - iPod Touch' by Seh Hui

So introducing the item of my desire of the year: The iPod Touch (not iPhone, despite the similarities :p). Now, this has just gave me quite a long time deciding whether I should get by next month (just say that I planned ahead 😊 ). The question now is not whether I can afford the RM1999 price tag for the 32GB model, but the case of debate is actually the fact that I could afford it but whether is it reasonable to get it now/soon.

And boy that’s a dilemma.

Basically the main reason that rocks the decision boat is the recent economic slump that Malaysia’s experiencing, all thanks to the drama that surrounds us (p/s: It’s pretty funny to see how our political scene have made our mainstream news media becoming tabloids unknowingly :p). By economic slump I didn’t mean that I’m looking into ways to pinch my pennies, but rather there’s wasn’t a better time to study the opportunities that surrounds us. With our local stock market slumping close to 30% from the year’s high, there’s a fair number of solid blue chips and great growth companies are close to hitting their year lows.

So… I am seriously looking into delaying the purchase, since my trusty third generation, 15GB iPod is still working well. And I could feel excited with a pair of hi-fi grade headphones for a change, which will only cost me a fraction of the cost of buying a new iPod Touch anyway.

But I’m definitely looking forward for a further price reduction or a good promotion (read: freebies) by year end, which I’m pretty sure that I could save money towards it. 😊 (or at least knowing the fact that the installment plan of my gym membership ends January next year :D)

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