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'Urban Paradise' by Seh Hui

Sometimes I find working was way to hectic than it’s actually work… well, I wish I could say that, but apparently with my emotional roller-coaster is still in the process of braking, I find myself completely drenched out of energy for the whole week. Also partially because my sleep debt is slowly creeping up to affect me (it’s probably not the first time I find myself realizing the commonly known fact that sleep deprivation is a major cause of stress). That time was one of my lowest performing times at which I can’t pull myself together to get things done.

And having people nagging you on things that I should (or even must) be doing isn’t making the situation any better. I was already trampled severely by my own conscience ^^||.

Sometimes it’s really funny to find myself not being able to do any productive work at home. I’m not particularly sure whether is it due to my perception that home is a place for resting and work should not interfere that private space. As much as I believe that achieving clear separation of work and private life is ideal, it can be sometimes a dilemma in the sense that sometimes it does get in the way or even undermine one’s opportunities. I do wish there’s a barometer in measuring such risks and rewards on when should that rule be violated or even justify the validity of the rule itself.

And so I have work that I must do and I was like, “what should I do now?”

So there I was this afternoon, experimenting with the idea of working in an environment that I find enjoyable and conducive at the same time. And there I was, at O Cha Cha cafe (basically a Starbucks like cafe specializing in Matcha tea drinks) at The Gardens, sipping my cup of Mint Freezie (basically it’s ice blended Matcha tea with mint, which I greatly recommend), slowly nibbling away my piece of cake and at the same time swiftly typing stuff on my EeePC.

And I have to say that work has never been that comfortable and enjoyable before! I already like the cafe for being a comfortable and peaceful place to work in (as compared to Coffee Bean and Starbucks in which the environment can get a bit noisy and distracting), and having a plug point and wifi gave me the impression that I have converted it to a remote office of mine. It felt like I have spent RM20 to rent a small office cubicle (without the walls 😊 ) for two hours, and have nice food and drinks served to me. What a great investment, so I thought :). I think that will be the perfect spot where I’ll do all my money-earning work for a small price.

Far better than grudgingly working it over at home and ending up procrastinating over it in the end.

Or probably I should start to look at creating my perfect work space back at home? Would really be nice to have that private space when I had my own apartment, that’d be a really cool idea. … Although I do wonder who’ll be the barista though :p.

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