Kung Fu Panda

Seh Hui Leong


Seriously, the movie had me completely in stitches. It’s THAT funny.

What I really like the movie is that they really utilized every single second with complete effectiveness: it will either shine you blind with awesomeness (steal this line from the movie directly :LOL:) or pound you bursting out with laughter punchline after punchline. Another very surprising fact is that how much Eastern influences were portrayed well in the movie, it’s really a great tribute to everything Chinese (heck I didn’t even expect acupuncture and Qigong to be featured in western Kung Fu films!): vivid, colourful and deep in spiritual meanings (without the cryptic and long-winded philosophies), I really salute the team behind movie.

There’s quite a number of unexpected scenes that completely took me by surprise, especially particular situations that was deemed cliched in movies. The way they surprise audiences was really a genius. I think what even surprised me is that they did include a joke that only Chinese could understand. When we were introduced to Master Oogway, pretty much we can hear the Chinese laughing out loud as the word “Oogway” is really the pronunciation of the Chinese word for “turtle”! Damn the scriptwriters really nailed us down on that one! XDDD

And poor Jackie Chan only having one line of dialogue (as far as I could remember, and kung-fu battle cries doesn’t count), though. Seemed that only actors who can spew native and fluent English gets the meat out of the dialogue. Ah well, at least Master Monkey did captured Jackie Chan’s spirit though.

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Seh Hui Leong

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