Filling My House with House

Seh Hui Leong


'House CDs' by Seh Hui

The bad news: Tower Records at KLCC is closing shop :(. The good news that comes out of it: They are clearing off their selected stock at 70% off!

At times like this, you definitely know that I’ll exploit such opportunities. Originally the plan for me to stock up some Japanese CDs, but apparently they shove most of them behind the counter (obviously it’ll sent off to their other branches, that’s why I say selected ^^||). Heck I found my Plan B failed immediately as soon as I noticed empty classical and new age shelves. BUT~ the surprise comes when I notice they DO have a shelf displaying dance CDs.


Compared to pop music, dance music has been quite an pricey hobby as they are priced at about RM80-150 range, so they are so “sacred” (in my eyes, anyway :P) that I have been drooling on what on those shelves… UNTIL NOW!!!

And so I got recommendations from my friend Allen (and helped him to swipe quite a couple of gems, since he’s in Sabah). And now I essentially converted my PC into a multi-faceted music station: with a big nice variety of sounds except mainstream music (J-Pop and K-Pop aren’t that mainstream here in Malaysia so I guess those count, haha :P).

So as you can see I now having a start in my house music collection. It’s sort of felt like I now have a disco/club at home now :p, now it’d really take me some time to finishing listening all those CDs, it’s almost tally up to about 16 hours worth of music XDD.

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