My One Month Old Nokia

Seh Hui Leong


'New Phone'

… lasted for exactly that long and found itself have its place taken over by the new Samsung SGH-E590.

I’m pretty surprised myself at first actually, considering the fact that I’m in a very strong opinion of not changing my phone, the thought of changing phone after so short of a period like a month seemed so absurd at that time I can’t even imagine the possibility.

I guess there’s times when hell does freezes over, after all. 😛

Anyway~ what motivated me to make the sudden, unplanned splurge? Two things: The 3.0MP, auto-focus camera which takes Really Good Pictures™ (RGP) [Note: See the “culprit” below] and it was at a price I simply couldn’t refuse (RM499!!!). The small factor and lightness of the thing makes it even more irresistible. Should Samsung Mobile didn’t setup an exhibition (in conjunction of the Beijing Olympics) at KLCC and have such a promotion, I may have dismissed the possibility of getting the phone because it’s was off my expected budget.

I can still feel the excitement that I had when holding on to the phone, that sort of gave me the most important reminder: better get something that you like or have a strong passion for than to compromise yourself, and know when you should bend your rules and be flexible.

So, how about my Nokia then? It’s still with me with another SIM card of mine, but was planned to be passed down to one of my family members. Here’s a couple of sample photos I snapped with the phone 😊

'KLCC Test Shot'

This photo is the culprit!!! XDDD I was actually playing around the phone, fully expecting I’m not going to buy it; I ended up being sold as soon as this was shown in the preview screen.

'Alarm Clock'

Another shot of my new alarm clock, and I really liked the soft morning glow that diffuses around the shiny surface

'Test Macro Shots'

Look! The camera phone can even do macro shots! 😄

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