When I least expected it…

Seh Hui Leong


… and I found out I won this:


That entitles me to a 8D/7N stay in a resort of one of my preferred destinations (which I had 31 to choose from).

It really came to me as a surprise (literally) as I won it via the Gatsby Move with Style contest, which I completely forgot about it after I dropped the contest form end of last year. And only by chance that I recalled that I need to check their website to see whether I’m a winner yesterday and the next thing I knew… I was on the list for the top prize :D. But getting it is not without it’s challenges though, as I found out the contact number on their page is misprinted (apparently it was corrected right after I made the call, hmm….) and I really googled through in vain only to find their fax number from the Yellow Pages ^^||. Then on my journey to their office today, I find myself lost for like 30 minutes (note the fact that I even brought the thick KL map with me) and only to find out that I dropped off the bus way too early (damn Damansara, the area covered is so big you definitely need to know What-Damansara or Damansara-What to actually pinpoint the location) — by the way, to those curious, I dropped off at Pusat Bandar Damansara but I’m actually expected to drop off at Damansara Utara, which is not too far apart if you are driving but if you are on a bus, it’s really hard to tell the difference between these two areas by name alone ^^||.

But lucky thing is that I do brought a map with me and that gave me an opportunity to make pencil marks on the map to jot down the route, will definitely be useful someday :).


Anyway, coming back, now… even excluding my home country, Malaysia, from the list, I got about 30 enticing destination to choose from, so much the fact that the brochure made them all so tempting that I can’t even make up my mind on where to go (whomever in TLC Marketing did the brochure done it extremely attractively). But considering they only cover the accommodation costs, it’s all about planning and I do have ample time to do so (31 May).

Now all I need is a booking decision that requires me to fill in three preferred destinations and three preferred travel months, as well as whom shall I bring (or whom is willing to go with me, depending on how you look at it 😊 ).

Anyone had a good recommendation to make? (in terms of which destinations are to die for, especially)

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