Physically fun outing

Seh Hui Leong


Went out for a physically demanding yet extremely fun outing yesterday as I find myself trying new activities: namely paintball and go-karting.

About ten of my colleagues (I’d rather call them office-mates, though 😊 ) joining this “killing spree” organized by the company’s sports club, we got up early and reached the National Paintball League situated in Astaka Sport Complex, PJ. We are separated into ten teams of five, mixing ourselves with new friends.

Getting to the game itself is a completely different experience than being ourselves in our normal day-to-day life: when nervousness and initial doubts about the pain we are going to receive are completely wiped out by the adrenaline that pumps into our body and the excitement that we anticipate from intense combat.

As the game starts, we quickly propelled ourselves to large air-inflated obstacles and barriers, trying to maneuver ourselves to a place that would shield ourselves from raining pellets/paintball markers. With our eyes set on the enemy’s base (which is our goal to win the game) as well as hiding enemies. Evading the enemies is one thing, taking aim to wipe them out is a complete different story: pulling the trigger is the easy part, the challenge mainly arise from the fact you are at a risk of exposing yourself and honing all your senses to mark down your enemies as swiftly as you can.

At times of war and turbulence, playing all defensive is never an option as observed from all the games, it takes guts, correct assessment of the situation, a strategy and means to communicate such plans with completely limited means of doing so and most importantly, teamwork. In this game, it’s all about keeping your awareness at its peak and take careful calculations of when to be offensive and when to defend yourself from harms way.

Despite all being first-timers, our team was extremely great: winning two games out of four and although we didn’t manage to get into the semi-finals, we only lost by a hair-thin margin on points: positioning ourselves at sixth place. It’s a fun game indeed.

Then later in the evening, most of us continue our outing with going for go-kart at City Karting circuit next to Stadium Shah Alam. At first I was pretty nervous by the fact that despite I had my driving license, I haven’t really drove ever since I got it about a decade ago (!!! ^^||). And to be honest, I still haven’t got the hang of it after twenty minutes of driving the small kart as I find myself struggling with the accelerator and over-usage of brakes, I didn’t even knew that applying force on the steering wheel does make a difference in tackling corners at high speed. But I am quite excited by the fact that despite being slow, I can drive my way through the winding tracks at first try and did reasonably well (do have to admit that I spun out of control a few times, but the sense of achievement of making a lap is much greater than that :)).

I guess my confidence level in driving had a boost out of this :p, probably would myself hitting the real streets (as in just normal driving ^^||) some time in the near future? I suppose that’d be a great experience in itself, at least I could drive when I needed to. 😊

Despite feeling the results of such activities yesterday with bruises and tired muscles, it had been a fun outing :).

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Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.