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Seh Hui Leong


… and I do have to say what it seemed to suit my needs perfectly in a logical sense doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice that I’d make for myself (or in another way of putting it, I’d like it myself).

I’m talking about my new Nokia 3500 classic, which is just the phone that suits my needs perfectly: 2MP camera, microSD support, Bluetooth and FM radio functionality, it even supports EDGE for that matter (but not 3G, but Digi still haven’t had its 3G license so what the heck). It even uses a standard mini USB connector which means that I don’t have to purposely buy a cable for it. For the extra 100 or so, I could get a 2MP camera over a typical VGA one of my 2nd preferred LG KG271, which basically got my vote to buy it.

… Or so I thought.

After I bought the phone itself, I soon have the feeling of barfing over it and find myself nitpicking over it: pixel density isn’t dense enough (i.e. I could see the pixels), camera is so obviously CMOS-ish (i.e. dark regions is so bloody noisy and the photo have tons of CMOS artifacts, let alone that Nokia uses a lower contrast, high brightness setting to add salt to the injury), the metallic rim around the phone is damn weird, the UI looked ugly (basically menu items takes too much space), it doesn’t import vCard files that contains a whole phonebook properly…

That made me feel like so wanting to trade the phone in to get the LG phone instead (T_T)

In the past I could never understand why people would stick to a certain brand of phone and would never consider using other brands. Guess that’s the same feeling that I’m having now.

… But basically I’m currently starting to getting accustomed to it and sort of getting used to the it’s particular brand of limitations. Only biggest headache is to sort out how to restore my phonebook backup from my previous phone, but probably as a short term pain I might as well install Nokia PC Sync software and be done with it. But more likely I’d rather have a software in the phone that I could do such backups and restoration. There’s a strong need for me to have that and I’d definitely need to find that out (for free :p) or write one on my own.

Come to think of it, didn’t the first paragraph sounds fitting as my own perspective in love and partnership? ^^||

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