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… as in spending two whole days drowning myself in the world of Ys 😛 (i.e. been playing Ys I & II Complete).

At least now I’m having the mood to do with normal chores: order my new pair of spectacles, done grocery shopping and cleaned up a bit. Was sort of noticing blind spots when I was crossing that very pedestrian bridge and focus on which important spots that I can get a clear view of the situation. Well, after all, I have been using that bridge for like 5 years and it’d be statistically unwise to fear crossing it ever again :). Just needed to learn how to be more alert and observant while walking alone.

Speaking of which, just out of curiosity I got a pack of Kinohimitsu, which is sort of a health pad that you stick on the soles of the feet to extract toxins from the body. Just one of those things that I have been seeing on the shelves for so long but not willing to try due to the price (it’s like sticking RM25 on your feet and dispose it once it’s done ^^||). Seeing it on a discount certainly entice me to try it this time.

And using it while sleeping, I woke up in horror after I peeled off and it came out to be brownish, which looked pretty gross to me especially knowing the fact that my soles feels sticky :p.


But now I just feel as if my left leg is lighter than my right, I wonder whether is it a proof that it’s working or it’s just my imagination :p. Probably I should follow instructions and use both at once, heh :p. But either way, this made me wonder how much toxins were in my body all along… Hmmm…

Just thinking whether I should go for one of those detox programs for health reasons :). Certainly it’d be great to feel all healthy after years of sluggishness :).

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