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The lack of updates contributed by Nodame Cantabile J-Drama and Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim :p. But generally my sleep patterns are completely disrupted: Addiction or stress relieve? I wonder…. ^^||

But anyway, CNY had been pretty dull, in a way. Part of it because of the apparent lack of festive mood in both my hometown and KL, and the other being me sort of feeling some sort of distance among my old class/schoolmates. Not really distance per se, but just apparent that the difference in environment and a long separation requires some ice-breaking which I didn’t really bothered to attempt. Laziness? Shyness? Or plain indifference?

Somehow I just felt that the path that I chose to take seemed so unclear to me that I wondered what had I actually chose and the reason behind it. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Anyway, on a lighter note, yup, I was watching Nodame Cantabile’s J-Drama at the moment and just finished the S-Orchestra arc. Somehow at that point I just felt that the J-Drama is very like the title character, Nodame in the sense that it’s sort of a bit messy and uncoordinated. The acting is a bit forced and Stresemann is just too… flamboyant to a point that I find it irritating (not to mention the forced and cliched Gaikoku-jin way of speech). But watching a live orchestra playing is definitely more enchanting than watching a slideshow in the anime :p.

But the Nodame Cantabile J-Drama Special, on the other hand, shows much improvement that I liked it a lot :D. The acting was much more natural, the whole two episodes are entertaining to watch, liked the fact that both Chiaki and Nodame are the main focal character in their own respective episodes and the flow of events were handled in a much organized matter (at this point it may be obvious it can be read that I don’t really like the way that the original sort of mash several main plot events on the same time frame in a messy way, but probably I should be more forgiving in acknowledging that it was a 11-episode drama).

I also watched Ergo Proxy with my brother during Chinese New Year and liked it as well, think it’s worth watching again to gain some deep philosophical content to ponder about :).

Other than that… well, I think I may write about my CNY on another day, if that’s going to happen anyway/

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