Switching Over to Another Network

Seh Hui Leong


Actually it’s been a while I have been holding on to the Happy Prepaid SIM pack, which is a new, no-frills venture from Digi. Although it didn’t have the cheapest rate for normal usage anymore, but the 60-days activation with any reload amount and maximum 99 sen calls were enough to nail the deal (despite the fact that I’m aware that I can’t be making a lot of calls more than 99 seconds :p).

But honestly speaking switching numbers aren’t as easy as one might think, it’s like… you have yourself associated with that number and changing that association means that I have to call all those banks and update them about the number change. Which is surprisingly easy to do really, but it was sort of a hassle in a way :p.

… And it was a rare occasion that I have to send more than 100 SMS a day :p.

But anyway, I’m currently planning to keep two phones around for a month while transitioning over, so to make sure I won’t miss any important calls (but not really that likely since I don’t get much calls anyway :p). To those who didn’t received my SMS about the switch, just let me know :).

Note: Other on-coming changes includes me switching to a mobile broadband plan (instead of my current DSL account: I would love to have something more portable… and cheaper than my current DSL charges + land line rental costs :p). That’s bound to happen in March or when those telco companies decides to have some crazy promotions that I could never refuse :p)

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