New Lappy! :D

Seh Hui Leong


OK, this would be one of the most unexpected purchase that I had made in 2008 - Introducing a new addition to my gadget collection - the Asus Eee PC! 😄 In fact I’m typing from this new (petite) darling that I had now actually :).

'Eee PC'

Well… not as unexpected in the sense that I did somehow commit to buying it as written in my LJ a month or two ago, but I get a bit impatient myself and end up getting the 4GB version, which in the end turns out to be pretty sufficient as I manage to get all the software that I needed installed and I still have quite a lot of room in there. And with all the USB drives that I had laying around, I’m not that concerned about storage anyway (and finally find a good use for my 512MB SD card, which gets quite lonely after I got a 2GB one for my camera).

So I have been facing some sleep deprivation for the last two days just tweaking it to my tastes (in terms of working environment, which I’m pretty picky about :p). And now I had a handy tool for myself should I find myself needing to be away from my PJ home for a period of time (hmm… too bad there aren’t any Starbucks in my hometown? XDDDD).

Oh, by the way, this baby sports a webcam and an internal mic, and I have Skype 2 installed in this thing. So should you feel like adding me in, my username will be felixleong :). Do let me know who you are if your Skype username isn’t too obvious for me to guess because I’m paranoid with stalkers :p.

Anyway, to wrap things up, here’s a cam-in-cam photograph of myself 😛

'Cam-in-cam shot'

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