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Seh Hui Leong


Got this from the bargain bin in Tower Records, KLCC yesterday! Considering it’s was irresistible RM50 (more than 50% off!) to own such DVDs, I just have to swipe at it :p.

'Tour of MISIA 2004 DVD cover'

I was completely enchanted by her performance in the DVD, her vocal prowess completely shine through and very close to what you listen in her full length album, completely taking control of every tone and note, especially the fact she nailed every single high pitched note throughout the concert… and should you had followed her music, that’s her forte which she’s famous of. The only song that I found to be disappointing is “I miss you ~時を越えて~, which I feel so incomplete without Miwa Yoshida: a song composed by Dreams Come True (DCT) would never be complete without her.

What I really like her concert is that her concert is a perfect blend of dance numbers and ballads. And that the dance numbers was actually remixed in non-stop manner with DJ Ta-shi doing live mixing that really created the atmosphere of being on the dance floor :D. And MISIA doing live vocals for them is really priceless (imagine how much training is needed to get the timing right)

Just watching it makes me wanted to be there and catch her concert :D. I’m sure being there live would have been even more exhilarating than being in front of the monitor :).

  1. Miwa’s the main vocalist for DCT and she did backing vocals for that particular song, which is a collaboration between MISIA and DCT 

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