Gadgets for 2008?

Seh Hui Leong


Hmm… As much as I was tempted, I have to hold back my horses and probably making sure that I only make my next gadget purchase a few months later? (say, February?) After all, I got my LG KU250 only a month or two ago. Currently topping the list is the Asus Eee PC, as it was something that I could definitely find a use for. Not to mention the small form factor and light-weight (so in a way I can really carry it around whenever I like it).

Then there’s the Nintendo DS Lite and the iPod, but I suppose these items can wait? Generally I’m not as into games as I used to anymore (more like I can live with it for now) and despite my growing music collection, I still can make do with swapping my songs (or probably I might as well figure out a way to do let it auto-transcode to a lower bitrate when I sync it?).

And my monitor and PC is starting to show signs of requiring repairs/replacement, I’m personally a bit wary about it. But I suppose that something that I’ll be able to work it out when the worst happens, I suppose?

Anyway, in life, it had been a busy week and it’s still going to be so. Will be going up the hill again on Friday to standby as the system that I’m in-charge in goes live. It’d be a whole week so pretty much I have to figure out what to bring up there to keep myself company. (offtopic: which the thought of it does tempt me to get the Eee PC even more: am I reaching a time when a ultra-portable notebook is starting to become a necessity for my own work? But I’d probably wait for the 8GB model to launch here and waiting for the price point to drop to an affordable point… or probably wait for competitors coming into the fray?) One thing about work is that I’m sure that everything’s going to be all right and we’ll1 work out the kinks that we’ll encounter later on.

Other than that, it’s almost time for me to set new goals for next year. But looking at it, the theme for next year would definitely be upgrading myself and I need to work out a plan to absorb as much knowledge as I can. Would definitely like to expand my horizons beyond my comfort-zone, really.

  1. I’m going up to standby with Kok Weng, my colleague cum friend during university days 

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