A good start, and it’s only the beginning

Seh Hui Leong


December’s almost over and my posts for the month is looking very sparse ^^||.

Basically I was up there at Genting Highlands with Kok Weng again to standby for a week as we just deployed/installed (or rather, redeployed) a system there. And it had been quite eventful in the sense that it was never a dull moment there. In my personal opinion the installation was quite successfully, not to say that there’s no hitches along the way: there’s still quite a few issues and throughout the whole week we are waken up by early morning calls (imagine those around the 3-5am period). Luckily Kok Weng is much more sensitive to such disruptions than I do and that I’m able to rush there quite fast despite the distance between the hotel and the casino. But those aside, the response from the customers were very encouraging and I’d definitely like it to see it continuing this way and the business getting better as time passes by :).

But it’s quite an experience being in a completely different environment from what I experienced in the office, when you are completely surrounded by different people. Being in their company is always fun they always cracks us up. Especially learnt quite a lot from the team leader of the support team, Vincent, just by observing and listening to his experiences in supporting customers: enlightening me about managing not only the team you are in charged in, but also customer expectations as well and what it takes to lead. Greatly hope that I learn more from him and these lessons will be assimilated and applied in my own life. I’m sure that I’d definitely need them at some point of time, if not now.

As said, it’s a good start, and it’s only the beginning.

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