Super Best Trance x Ultra-Z Trance, anyone?

Seh Hui Leong


Would anyone be interested to get a copy of Super Best Trance x Ultra-Z Trance? I accidentally double-dipped it in eBay :(.

'SBT x Ultra-Z Trance' front

'SBT x Ultra-Z Trance' tracklist

Basically everything is in mint condition (no scratches with obi) and you can check the tracklist here (which is a non-stop mix album by DJ Kaya). It’s a promotional sample disc, though, if it’s of any concern to you.

I’m willing to sell it for US$5 and shipping cost will be US$7 to the US (registered airmail)… and probably less if you happen to live elsewhere :).

Let me know if anyone’s interested.

… Or perhaps letting me know where would be a good place to sell this would be of great help ^_^.

On the personal side of things:

'Latest CD purchases'

Just received my shipment of CDs again: this time to get Mylin and Sweetbox CDs and a bunch of trance music (mainly the Super Best Trance series) to sample with :). Still haven’t had the chance to seriously sit down and listen to them at the moment really.

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