Eventful Week

Seh Hui Leong


Quite a lot of activities going on this week, went to karaoke on Tuesday after work and later on swimming today yesterday. And those were to two days when we tried to race against time to catch the last train… and made it :). (but seriously probably it’d be less stressful if we make sure that we reach the station by 11:15pm).

But anyway, it had been almost a year since I last went to the karaoke lounge to sing my heart out, and Advent sort of came up with the idea of going after work. It’s sort of a sudden arrangement in a way, but in the end it was me, him and Hui Ying who ended up going. And surprisingly the rates were pretty reasonable: we sang for five hours with a buffer dinner for just RM30 (tax included)! And we sort of get crazy with songs that really challenges the high octave ranges so we did sang our hearts out (literally). I have to say that it immensely fun doing so (despite the fact that I know pretty well that my voice wasn’t that good for singing :p).

One thing is that it’s been a while I haven’t listened to mainstream music so in a way my song selection was quite limited (pretty much most my music consists of J-Pop and a bunch of dance tunes, and my Japanese aren’t good enough to read the lyrics without thinking). Probably it’d be a good idea for me to listen to the radio occasionally to pick up some song ideas.

As for today yesterday, Jenn Yeh, Ken, Seck Min, Hui Ying and I went swimming at Bukit Jalil stadium’s swimming pool. (speaking of which, does seemed that me and Hui Ying do hang out a lot these days, mainly due to the fact that we tend to say “yes” most of the time) What I didn’t expect was that it’d rain today, making the pool unbelievably cold! shivers I’d have to say that the water was indeed “torturing” me XD, finding myself shivering all the time and getting a nasty leg cramp (yeouch!). But we do had a lot of fun there 😊 and would love to go swimming with them again (after all, swimming was one of my favourite sport).

Then we dropped by at Vivian’s, our ex-colleague’s, place — catching up with stuff and have a look at her new-born baby. Pretty happy to see her doing fine in her life and the baby’s cute! 😊 But somehow looking at a new-born being so small and (in a way) fragile, sort of wonder about the way when we started our lives. But the main highlight is more likely the food, been engulfing dim sum and satay for dinner, but apparently my appetite wasn’t as good as before, I’d say… or is it that I refused to have myself over-stuffed?

Other than that, work had been pretty “eventful” in the sense that there’s tons of stuff that needs to be followed up, but sort of got the hang of it (feeling in control?). Wasn’t as bad as I thought out to be but yet the deadline was pretty tight. There’s quite a few bumps ahead and that there’s a high possibility of making some decisions that may upset the users… to be honest was a bit anxious myself, but I suppose we can work something out somehow.

Guess that’s pretty much it for now.

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