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Seh Hui Leong


'Drained' by Seh Hui

“Deserted behind, left with a shell without any juices within.”

Finally! I got a camera phone - the LG KU250! That with 3G to boot 😊 (read: I can now access fast Internet from my mobile now :D). So imagine that I’m going all shutter happy for the next few days (or even months?!). So yesterday I spent quite a lot of time with my phone, but most of the time actually drained as I find myself transferring all my contacts over from my old phone to the new one… by hand!!! It’s tedious, but I manage to get everything on the phone so I’m happy :D.

Anyway, to all muslims, happy Eid! 😊 And that also means it’s actually a public holiday over here. Went to karaoke with Jacob, Theen Gee and Ker Yee. We sort of strolled around the grand shopping complexes aimed for the high-class crowd: Starhill and the newly opened Pavilion. But most of time I find myself and Jacob snapping away at anything that seemed interesting :p.

Here’s two shots taken with my phone:

'Cushions' by Seh Hui

'Waiting to Cross' by Seh Hui

Haha, finally I can do the “From Felix’s Eyes” column more often with such a convenient device. 😊

Oh yeah, it’s been a while I haven’t posted a picture of myself, here it goes:

'Latest photo'

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