The Broken Link

Seh Hui Leong


At the moment, my Internet connection is still down and after almost a week it’s still not up. (if you did notice the timestamps of my recent posts and was fairly knowledgeable about my posting habits, you probably would have guessed it :))

Since I’m not at home during office hours, that makes it harder to make things work out (since it seemed that their technical team seemed to be more active during the day than at night… or do they only operate during working hours?).

Will be following up with them as closely as possible and hopefully I can get my connection back soon.

Luckily the Internet wasn’t that much of a life critical thing for me. But I certainly feel the pinch of trying to learn Japanese without an online dictionary, it’s far more faster and convenient that way especially when I don’t know the pronunciation of the leading kanji character (although I can pull off some intelligible guesses due to my Chinese background). Lucky that I do have a pure Japanese-Japanese dictionary at home.

Anyway, gotta work!

(P/S: was serious contemplating of getting one of those 3G Internet services once my lock-in period expires. But probably that means that I will be having 2 DSL modems laying around in my home ^^||)

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