Shopping Lists (Updated 1 January 2008)

Seh Hui Leong


Just a shopping list (more like a want list) to remind myself:

  • New pair of specs or contact lens, either one of the two (Done: August)
  • A couple of working shirts and slacks, planning to get those iron-free ones (Project: December; shirts bought @ November)
  • A new and comfortable pair of leather shoes (Done: September)
  • Two to four extra shirts for next year’s CNY (Done: New Year’s eve)
  • (Want) Sony Ericsson K320i, probably I’d go for this model for its affordability and just-enough-functions that I need. Currently priced at RM400, hope I can get it cheaper somehow
  • (Want) Nintendo DS Lite bundled with two games, one of them being FF3. That’d be a big bang out of my wallet so not sure whether I prefer to postpone it or not
  • (Want) Attempt to complete my manga collection. Thinking of getting Juuni Kokuki novels as well

Those labeled with (Want) may not need to be fulfilled this year, but it’d be a great way to reward myself. (well… unless someone else buy those for me as a present, but usually that tends not to happen 😊 ).

Note on Jan‘08: I’m done with the shopping list apart from the slacks :D, which isn’t that critical anyway

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Seh Hui Leong

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