Planning in Advance?

Seh Hui Leong


Doing some quick math today, it just seemed that it’s going to be a hardship if I were to really go ahead with my house hunting plans soon. It’s like, once I had all the numbers crunched by those free online mortgage calculators, it’s going to be a really big chunk from my present salary, not to mention it’s a individual feat (i.e. I’m not sharing the cost with the significant half… as if I had one anyway). And starting to look into the details of the extra expenses in case I move into that dream home of mine (read: bills and maintenance),

So, with my present expenses and my increment forecast, more realistically it can only happen at mid-2008/9? Definitely not this year, that’s what I had to remind myself.

But should the present economy situation sustains, I can probably hit the RM40K mark (slightly off from the 45K mark, but still I was realistically expect it to be more like 35K this year myself… but I didn’t consider my pension fund into that 35K, honestly speaking).

That’s something to look forward to.

Anyway, in other news… it’s the calmer end of the roller coaster ride at the moment (I didn’t dare to say that everything is sunny and fine at the moment ^^||, after all my emotions has been turbulent for quite a while and emotions were anything but certain), as I work on my own stuff at my own pace. At least I clear up one of the biggest backlog at home (read: the large, accumulating piles of clothes to be ironed was done), that’s a big relief to me. And I’m close to finishing one of the most daunting task I faced at work, take that off the equation would probably improve the situation. (probably?)

Still there’s lots of things that needs to be done and cleanup (both in the obvious and between-the-lines sense), guess I just need to adjust myself to devote more time in clearing things up. Which is… something hard for me to do ^^|||…

Edit + P/S: Looking back my post these few months, it seemed that I’m back to square one: the posts were pretty much very similar to what I had when I started this LJ. I think it’s starting to show a recurring pattern right now… if I can manage to get hold of it… probably I can solve that part of the puzzle.

That’s a big “hopefully” on my part.

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