Impromptu: Three impromptus from IM usernames

Seh Hui Leong


Here’s a few that I used as my MSN handle but didn’t bothered to post until now:


Liking something by choice, maybe that’s how humans are…

[幸福的定义] 或许自己只懂得埋怨别人一定比自己幸福

[Definition of happiness] Maybe I only knew how to complain how others are happier than myself

[失恋] 人一定要尝受到“拒绝”才能够成长吗?

[Heartbreak] Does people really need to taste “rejection” in order to grow?


P/S: for those who didn’t notice, I won’t be doing translations for all posts that I write in Chinese or Japanese as it was time consuming and I think it’d be better to spend more time writing better posts. Now it’s going to be like… translation on my own whims and fancy? ^^||

Anyway, I’m planning to start a Japanese blog some time soon so probably I have the Japanese ones posted there while keeping the Chinese and English entries here. That’s my initial plan at the moment. お楽しみに待ってください!^^

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