Question of the Day: Current Thoughts of Personal Attraction Preferences

Seh Hui Leong


OK, that’s a beat-around-the-bush way to say “sexuality”, recently these words sort of swirled over my head and probably thinking that it might worth pondering about. They are:

  • Never flaunt your alternative sexual preferences, not everyone needs to know that detail
  • Assume all guys were straight unless stated otherwise

Pretty much at the moment I’m keeping it to myself, or rather since I find it hard to be attracted by strangers and I didn’t really paid notice to the people around me (I think I mention this some time before), I never really showed any signs. And bring the defensive issue into the picture, in a way I’m trying hard (unconsciously) to keeping myself away from appearing in any gay-dars. Mostly not wanting to attraction of those with a testosterone overdose (but then again, I don’t think I have the looks to induce such hormonal disorder :p). So that pretty much I find myself being extremely discreet and cautious in terms of behaviour… I suppose?

But anyway, that’s something to be pondered about some other time.

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Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.