Preparing for Cambodia

Seh Hui Leong


As for today I was focusing more on the preparation of my trip to Cambodia, also my virgin overseas trip :). I am very excited and yet at the same time being nervous about it, just didn’t feel all that in control and anxious that I didn’t prepared enough.

But for one thing is that my budget outflow is definitely getting out of control -_-||. But anyway, I rant that one several times before.

Got a couple of green backs, as I have read that Cambodia uses more US dollars than their own riels. But I got them in big denominations (specifically one fifty and one hundred dollar bill), I was like… damn I should have asked from some smaller change. But well, we’ll see how I’m able to take off from there. A bit worried that I might not bring enough money over, too. (Currently I’m keeping the budget at around RM1000, but from the planned expenses, it seemed to get extremely close to that amount)

Well… worst case scenario I probably want to change an extra 50 bucks last minute. But we’ll see later.

Then got my travel insurance and a 2GB SD card… now what I haven’t get is a hidden pouch for my passports and stuff. Or probably a belt with a hidden pocket would do. Would sort of pick it up some where later on.

At the moment I was thinking of planning to go to visit our neighbour Singapore myself one day :). So sort of think of it as the beginning of my own travelling experience :). Hopefully my budget will allow me to take trips at least once per year :).

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