Cambodian Trip Photo Gallery

Seh Hui Leong


Just got this up: The (excerpted) photo album of my Cambodian trip. It’s pretty impossible for me to post the whole album up considering it’s a 2.5GB monster and flickr impose the view limit to 200 most recent photos. These were a selection that I mashed up within minutes, probably will add more (if I feel like it, that is). But these were the highlights (i.e. the most beautiful set), so hope you enjoyed them.

Will be typing my travel log (most likely to be short) later, as I desperately need to go to bed. And probably I’d post my photos over to Picasa Web Album, but that’s for next time.

And, yeah, stitching panoramic shots were really a royal pain. I pretty much end up touching up and fine-tuning every single one of them with my graphic software. But getting the results were very rewarding :).

Edit: pardon my groggy English yesterday ^^||

Update: Now migrated over to Picasa Web Album, since it doesn’t have that 200 images limit. But my flickr address is still on, since some of the photos has my captions on it.

Until the time I bothered to copy and paste the captions over 😛

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