Busy with Panoramic Photos

Seh Hui Leong


Still busy getting all those panoramic photos stitched up before I post everything about my Cambodian trip ^^||. Been spending the whole evening getting those photos right (although the stitching process is done by a program, I still have to touch up all those spots that does not blend well), and I still have to do some more of them.

Anyway, share with you this one that I have done today (just a small scaled version of it), which I captured a rain cloud when I was at the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia.

'Rain Clouds' by Seh Hui

I’ll post a proper update once I’m done with those photographs.

In other news, I’m back in the office and our department just got a new graphic designer, Seon. Will be working with him soon as he will be doing the graphics for the project that I’m overlooking at the moment. Our office is expecting one or two rookies next month, so it’s going to be quite a bunch in the office soon. Hope the experience in the future will be pleasant :).

Other than that, these days I sort of managed to have my emotions stabilize, probably after a long break from my hectic life and stress. Somehow I’m pretty much keeping some of my problems to myself at the moment, well… nobody really needs those “extra information” anyway. Still working hard to learn the art of balance in life as well as letting my guard down a bit. But during the trip is was pretty evident that I’m pretty much a defensive person, nothing wrong with that, but excessive defense would equates to paranoia, so I thought.

Anyway, do need to head for bed now.

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