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It’s the BookFest @ Malaysia again, which is going to be held from today until 3 June 2007. Carrying mostly Chinese books from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia, it also have English books, stationery and CD/DVD, all with attractive discounts!

… which is bad news to my credit card ^^||.

And so our parade consists of Jacob, Elaine, Theen Gee and his girlfriend and I. For one thing I didn’t knew Theen Gee and Jacob worked in the same company, which is pretty much my mistake of not asking Jacob for the details when he first started working ^^||||. (moral of the story: Don’t assume)

Anyway, throwing myself into a book fest pretty much equates to a kid being throw into candy land. And five big exhibition halls of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre doesn’t not deterred me one bit. In fact I was walking around for hours not noticing it.

But for thing, the crowd is quite “scary” at that time, not only at the overwhelming crowd that swarmed in the evening, but also the number of books that were in their baskets when they proceed to the cashier. I was gaping at full baskets of books which could have amount to hundreds of ringgit, and the waiting time at the cashier counter doesn’t help at all (to relieve my brain from screaming “COME ON!!! MOVE ON!!!” XD).

Anyway, stuff I picked up: - SE7EN 2nd album: MUST LISTEN (just wanted to sample this, which I think I remembered p-chan mentioned it before years ago… at least the artist XD) - Yuming’s VIVA! 6x7 - Yuki Koyanagi’s EXPANSION (also to sample her stuff) - Miki Imai’s Ivory III - Yaiko Hitomi’s daiya-monde (sampling purposes) - Photography and art tutorial book on drawing people - Yet-another-Japanese textbook… a whole set of 6 books!

Please hope that I don’t overspend this month ^^||.

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