Running from Office to Office

Seh Hui Leong


What I thought would be a half day thing ends up taking up most of my time today.

Anyway, I took a half-day leave today to get my passport done, as well as getting my KWSP (equivalent to social security in the US?) online statement activated. And so I went to Wangsa Maju, which is pretty much a foreign place to me as I never that far up north before for the years I have been in Klang Valley. And, wanting to save some money and trusting that my research on buses were sufficient enough to know what route to take, I took the feeder bus as soon as I got down from the LRT.

Everything was smooth up to that point and I forgotten something important that had cost me an hour: I didn’t know where to stop ^^||. What’s worse, I didn’t brought with me all important contact numbers (of the information office) and a map with me, and so… I ended up missing the stop, only to know it soon after I notice a landmark that obviously means that I just went pass that important stop. So I got down, walking around the place and finds myself lost. But luckily I got back to the place I came from and notice that I took the wrong direction and I pretty much worked out the directions already.

And so, I was in Immigrations office and the waiting crowd was massive O_O||. Like… 60 people ahead of me before my turn? But somehow I’m impressed on the efficiency of handling the forms. But the only problem and the main bottleneck was their payment counters, which I ended up waiting two hours before I got to pay up. And what do you expect from having around 10 counters handling the forms but ONLY ONE COUNTER handling the payment. It’s pretty (obviously) stupid, they should have more counters to handle payments!

Well, I digress. Anyway, I’ll be picking my passport up tomorrow and hopefully it wouldn’t be much of a drag… I hope ^^||.

But anyway, it was pretty much a refreshing experience to me, wandering on a journey without a map :). Not sure whether is it because of my sense of security that it’s wasn’t that much of an unfamiliar place and the fact that there’s taxis around :).

Anyway, gotta to go to sleep now, my sleeping patterns are so messed up that I end up sleeping late and waking up late. I think I should have trained myself to sleep slightly earlier and wake up at around 6 or 7, I’d never know when I’d end up moving to a place in which transportation wasn’t all that convenient as it was now.

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