Meeting a Challenge

Seh Hui Leong


Will be at Genting for the whole week starting from today, so don’t expect daily updates while I’m there.

Not feeling all the optimistic about the trip today, mainly due to my depleting confidence in dealing with human communications. But somehow I didn’t really have much of a choice if I were to progress, so it seemed, so running away from it is not an option. Only thing I can do now is to face the challenge and see what happens next (still feeling anxious, though ^^||).

Anyway, this few weeks is going to be a hard one to me as my C.O.D.S. is being reactivated again. (for the uninitiated, C.O.D.S. stands for Crush Over-Dwelling Syndrome. A term that I coined myself during the course of my journal :p). But despite that, I’m pretty much OK dealing with daily life. Just feeling jealous and probably self-pity when I was alone.

Well, it’s one of those stages again. Still working hard to overcome it. Would things be different if I get what I wanted? Well… who knows? Probably the doubt will still be there, I suppose? But it’d be likely that it’s a different type of drifting thoughts that I’d be having later.

Guess there’s still room for maturity within myself… whatever true “maturity” may be. Ha ha ^^|||.

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Seh Hui Leong

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