Paying Uncle Sam

Seh Hui Leong


Well… at least the Malaysian version of Uncle Sam (i.e. the government)

Yup, it’s the first time I’m getting taxed and one of the most convenient things that we had now is e-Filing, which I can just fill up my file online and let the computer do most of the calculations.

Only problem? The bottom line O_O||. Apparently I was pretty much shocked seeing how much I was taxed, like… RM300? Which isn’t that much if you sort of think of it as around RM25 per month for the country’s welfare, but I didn’t expect tax WAS an expensive one time per annum cost. OUCH! And I’m in a very tight financial situation even with my remaining bonus coming in this month, luckily I do save a lot these few months.

That pretty much gives me an important reminder to save more in coming months… definitely need to be prudent next month to accumulate my travel expenses for my trip to Cambodia this coming May.

At least it gave me quite a good wakeup call in learning more about personal finances. And probably I do have to learn how to spend money instead of holding everything in as well, being miserly isn’t going to make me happy… at least that’s how I felt at the moment (I’m pretty much a miser myself, to be honest ^^||)

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Seh Hui Leong

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