Emo Log: 怕麻烦的人 [One who’s afraid of troubles]

Seh Hui Leong






Actually I’m really someone who despises and afraid of getting into troubles. Therefore a lot of times, there’s a lot of things that I dare not approach and try/experiment. In the end I felt a bit like being unaccomplished, without any special improvements and accomplishments, living a life of timidness.

At the same time I’m also somehow who’s afraid of others being into problems. Therefore a lot of times, I recalled back the times when I was, without any ill intentions or self-awareness, being a busybody to others.

In the end? I ended up bringing myself enough troubles and inconvenience, not to mention that I felt obstructed along the way. (Maybe, I think… ^^|| At least I felt this way at the moment)

Aah… Actually I was tired of the days being stranded on the same spot! Is it just my own imagination? That even myself is unable to notice… But it does seems that probably troubles and problems are unavoidable! Am I able to learn how to accept them with good grace? It’s really time for me to be introspective.

NOTE about Emo Log

New category! Well… just sort of thought that some posts are starting to be unable to fit into Impromptu and Today’s Drifting Thoughts categories/tags and yet I felt it was worthy of having it tagged for my future reference. So I sort of thought came up with the idea of having “Emotional logs” and in the end I sort of shorten it to “Emo Log” to save up typing as well as in a playful mood of punning the word (slang term) “Emo” (although I’m not sure whether it’d get misunderstood over time like… a few days to a few years down the road? But since I don’t think my blog really get readership and it’s pretty much mainly for my own well-being and improvement, so what the heck :p)

Anyway, I was indeed in quite a emo mood these days, so it’s pretty fitting to my current situation in a way. Not sure whether I’d use this tag often, but hopefully I can improve and sort out some of my life issues along the way. (which by noticing the trend and how the way my life has been going… indeed probably I have to work even harder than what I’m doing now… probably. Or in a more difficult way, breaking out and achieving… say, a different mindset or something. I don’t know ^^||.

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