Clear Away

Seh Hui Leong


Today’s nothing more than clearing away stuff and going to the gym, there’s no surprise if I end up tired now :p.

Anyway, I have been piling up too much mail (spam and not) and rubbish (mostly paper materials) that it’s just screaming to be organized for the past few months (yea right, I should heed those annoying voices long time ago). Spent an hour to get them sorted and packed all rubbish for recycling. Then have to iron my clothes and get rid of the “obstacle course” in my room. Still haven’t deal with the dust demons yet, which I definitely have to do it ASAP because my allergies were acting up again. Not to mention I have yet to get my room organized and sorted up.

I have always have that perception that the general organization of my surroundings were a pretty good reflection of my current state of being. I’m more upbeat and optimistic with a cleaner room while getting down and pessimistic otherwise. I don’t know which influence which though, as in whether my current state of being influence my motivation to get my place cleaned up or that my surroundings affect my emotions. Hmm… probably it works both ways?

Other than that, resting for a long period of time has take its toll and I noticed my drop in stamina and strength when I was at the gym today. Not feeling in shape during that time, which pretty much gave me the impression that the body is actually a fragile thing and has to be taken care of with full attention and love so not to abuse the “vessel” in which our consciousness live in. (drifting thoughts…)

I wonder what does it really means by being in tune with my own body…

Anyway, I finally got myself a pair of swimming goggles (about time). Having water in my eyes weren’t really a pleasant sensation. Would be nice if I had more chances to go out and swim :). Just the thought of it makes me wanting a beach vacation :p.

kay then, now I should go back to my ironing :).

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