My Stack of Cards

Seh Hui Leong


I was at Sook Lan’s place yesterday, only with Seck Min (one of my colleague) this time round. And as we reached her store, it’s not hard to notice that she had already made the minor renovations that she had mentioned previously, and this time round it looked better: having outdoor and indoor sections, a television showing promotional attraction ads, seating arrangements indoor didn’t looked that spaced out now. Pretty much the only changes were made to the layout than anything (and probably the lighting as well? It didn’t seem that the illumination temperature was that apparent as before… as in it doesn’t have that noticeable warm light by the sides and cool light in the middle).

Then we pretty much caught up with recent happenings, but mostly it revolves around work. Well… probably because that’s the common point we can talk about, but talking with Sook Lan was always a joy to me. Somehow we did talk about our plans for the future… I don’t know, I still felt that my stack of cards seemed to be so messed up that formulating a plan seemed hard. And sort of unsure whether to take a step forward, a step backward or just staying put. And the thing that it’s nothing about being right and wrong either, but about what I personally want for myself. Well… probably I have more options, needs to sort myself out a little, I suppose?

Later on we accompanied Sook Lan and Keh Yong (her husband) to shop for a new car :). They are pretty much between a Toyota Vios and a Honda City, but ended up getting the latter instead (Honda does have better salesperson, so it seemed). As I would appreciate the City more because there’s more leg room, I liked the cushioned seats that came with the Vios, they are just so contoured that make it so comfortable to sit in ^^. And I prefer the design of Vios anyway :), but then again… I don’t think I would need a car XD. Maybe years later, which might be around… say, 5-10 years down the road? But I think it depends on my own future situation and circumstances. Hope I can still manage to find jobs that were close to public transports in the future so that I don’t have to worry about getting a car soon ^^||.

I was unsure what to do when the second last train left from Kajang (if I were to take the last KTM train, I wouldn’t be able to catch the last Putra train which will take me home -_-||), but in the end I was at Seck Min’s place for a while before he fetched me home. His dogs were cute and friendly, especially the two puppies (well… not really “puppies” anymore, but the youngest two of the bunch). Did made me wanted to take him home (Seck Min wanted to give away the two) but too bad I can’t at the moment :(. At least I’m starting to understand why people like their pets, just felt that warmth of it, in a way. Probably I really liked the touch and attention, I guess :).

Anyway, I think I need to head off to get some of my work done.

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Seh Hui Leong

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