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Seh Hui Leong


Been very, very sleepy today, not sure whether is it that I didn’t have enough sleep for the past two days or that the sleep debt is accumulating. I pretty much slept for the whole afternoon X_X. What’s worse? I caught a cold, again. I think I won’t be able to switch on the fan as mosquito repellent strategy.

Anyway, been listening to Ministry of Sound radio today. So pretty much I’m having a dance floor day. Somehow I’m surprised to notice the breakbeat genre, probably would really look into it as it sounded nice to me. Also I think I would like to sample Groove Coverage’s music, I have loved them since I heard them on LovePara^2, but listening to some samples to their originals made me very interested. And I didn’t know Poison (from Elisa and another by Groove Coverage) was actually a cover of Alice Cooper. And I find myself liking all three versions of them :).

Bid on some eBay items and this time round I’m not bidding on any SEB albums (there’s still one Eurobeat album though), hopefully I can manage to get them ^^. Think would probably explore more music soon, speaking of which, probably might want to check out Ministry of Sound’s CD and ATB. But Ministry of Sound CDs were so expensive (consider that they were imported from England or Europe) >_<||! Damn my expensive hobbies!

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