At Last We Met

Seh Hui Leong


Finally, I get to meet Allen in person! 😄 All these while we have been good friends chatting on MSN most of the time for years and it’s pretty exciting to me :).

When I first met him he sort of reminds me of Tommy (aka MYPPF current team leader, which is the group that I was once in). And probably sharing certain traits with some other MYPPF members as well. Probably because of his facial features, hairstyle and certain speech patterns. Not sure whether is it my own tendency to relate people with someone I knew in the past, or that it is indeed fact, though. Only difference is probably his personality, probably Tommy’s opposite? I’m not that sure myself, though, at the moment I can’t only base him from what I know him as what I know him from MSN, which… I don’t how to explain it, like… having some subtle difference between his online persona and his real life counterpart.

Anyway, I was pretty surprised that he used Chinese as our language to initiate our conversation. Well… seeing that our main language used in MSN is English, probably due to subtle difference in expressions between Chinese and English can construct a somewhat different image? But apart from some really obvious traits that I knew about him, I still felt that there’s a difference somewhere, although it’s not that I don’t like the difference or something.

Probably the fact that online persona is not exactly equal to the real person really holds? That’s something worth pondering myself.

But I’m not sure, probably it’s pretty much the same case as how he saw me? (Haha, I don’t think I’d ask this to him in person :p? So probably you can comment about this in your blog or something, Allen? XD) The whole day I was pretty much in my “the human encyclopedia” mode, which I wonder would have bored him or something XD. But at least we shared common interests in Eurobeat, Parapara and relationship issues (is it?)… so I find myself chatting a lot along the way. (Somehow I felt like I’m dominating most of the conversation time? ^^|||)

Anyway, most of time we spent time shopping in 1 Utama and Berjaya Times Square. Well… if it weren’t the fact that the arcade in 1 Utama was closed for some unknown reason, probably we wouldn’t go to Times Square. So I’m the one guiding while he’s the one doing all his shopping :p. But probably it’s a bad idea for me to bring him to the CD stores that I liked, because all the Hed Kandi and Defected CDs were tempting him so much, not to mention they weren’t cheap (like… RM120++ per disc?) ^^||. Welcome to the club of expensive collection hobby, Allen! 😆 I wonder what would happen if Eurobeat CDs ever existed in Malaysia? (But then again, he can’t beat me to it muahaha evil grins :p)

One interesting thing is that I brought my iPod with me, and I kept on recommending (“advertising”?) songs to him. This is probably the first time I actually shared music with him… like, gave him the ear piece while I go through my playlist thinking of what songs he’d like. I personally find that fun, really :). Probably something that I would wish that I can do the same with my lover… it’d been sweet sharing what songs we like. But… well, I think sharing this privilege with a friend who share the same music taste as I do makes me glad enough.

I don’t know… thinking about it, probably I shouldn’t keep all the best thing for that “one special person”… or at least the things that I’d reserve for him/her, I think. Just felt that… it’d be a waste if I were to keep it in to myself, and there’s no guarantee that:

  1. I would be able to find that “one special person”, and
  2. That person would appreciate and/or like what I would like to offer.

Probably the only exception when it comes to sex in which I’m more firm to keep my more conservative and traditional stand (as in treat sex with great responsibility and respect). Other than that… well, guess my skills does need some exercise in some way or the other. Probably I can’t improve my skills if I don’t use friends as my guinea pig, can I? (To my friends: Don’t throw rotten tomatoes on me for this statement ^^||).

Well… probably I can work out a plan or something, I guess.

And oh! By the way, I can’t wait for my MISIA Marvelous CD to be replaced (it had taken me two months of fruitless waiting). 😞 Which means this is one CD in my list that I’d have to import, so I exchanged that with Mika Nakashima’s Best CD. It had its first spin, but I does sound to me that it’d probably take a few runs for me to have the songs sink in. But it’s nice to have a “newcomer” to my music collection 😊 (as in an undiscovered artist to myself).

OK then, time for bed now! =_=

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Seh Hui Leong

Python programmer by trade, interested in a broad range of creative fields: illustrating, game design, writing, choreography and most recently building physical things. Described by a friend as a modern renaissance man.