Through The Looking Glass: The Year 2005 In Review — Part II

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

March 2005 - Stress And Sickness

Looking back into those two years, it’s like… a lot of things had happened, and I have been through all the most extreme ups and downs that I had in life. And now I’m just sitting here, feeling a sense of calmness which I would never expect.” — March 16, 2005

There were times when you just have to accept the fact that some wounds would take a longer time to heal.” — March 21, 2005

梦醒之后,才发现你以前给我的那毫无防备的微笑。这时才猛然发觉…我爱你的,就是你那一份纯真。” (After I woke up from my dream, only I realised that defenceless smile of yours. Only then I suddenly realised… what I love about you, is the simpleness in you.) — March 27, 2005


Nothing much to say about this month as I spent more time working rushing on my final year project. And apparently with the stress level builds up, my health condition goes down the slope. 😞 A definite BLEH in my books. But I’m glad enough that I managed to pull the thesis off, however later on I’m pulled from 10 directions with the assignments and mid-terms that follows that.

During that month as well, I also ironed out the things I needed to do in order to start work as soon as I graduate. Exciting experience, yes, as well as kind of nervous as well, as it turns out to be, well… going too smoothly than I expected. I’m just grateful that I was given the chance to be in the team :).

March also signifies the beginning of my exploration in the spiritual realm… well, sort of, in an indirect way.

April 2005 - The End And The Beginning

Ever wondered the feeling that when you are feeling like being extremely intimate that special someone by your side, but only to realize that you are alone in reality?” — April 11, 2005

Thinking about it, it’s really like I’m getting into a whole new territory after I accepted this job letter.” — April 22, 2005


… And apparently not in this month either, as my modem got electrocuted by thunder storms. But it really gave me a fresh change as I find myself spending more time doing something else with the temporary absence of the Internet.

This month is pretty much piecing everything together as my university life is drawing a close. A lot of time spent with friends, old and new, as we cherish the time that we are together. In this month, Steven and Theen Gee moved in for a few months (Steven stayed only for a month, as he’s going to work in Singapore after he graduated) The presence of Theen Gee is definitely a great blessing, in a way, and it didn’t took long for us to become close friends. We have great times, just sitting in the room talking about everything in life. It’s been quite some time I haven’t been having such deep, thought provoking and insightful discussion about almost everything.

As I progress towards the end of the month, I wrapped up all my presentation, job application stuff as well as the final examinations. Everything goes pretty smoothly, probably the most agonising moments (i.e. preparation) had really trained me hard? Hmm… And as time goes by and towards the end of the month, I finally “graduated”… well, unofficially :p. But I have full confidence that I’ll pass my papers anyway :p.

And what’s next is that I’m preparing myself to face the next change in life: being in the workplace. During that time, I still remembered how anxious and nervous I was as the thought of tons of new experiences really daunts me a little.

[:to be continued:] May & June 2005

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