Through The Looking Glass: The Year 2005 In Review — Part I

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

It’s this time of the year again, it’s just a good time to review what’s happening in my life as recorded in my LJ. Say it like a summary of sorts, and I have tagged some extra posts, particularly I have expanded some posts into the impromptu section.

Anyway, 2005 has been a very exciting year for me as I find myself changed quite a lot during this period. A lot of joy, laughter, blood and tears happened, and it was quite a turbulent year for myself as I have experienced both the peaks and the valleys in life. But it really made me being able to realise a lot of things that I have overlooked in the past, that as much isn’t a bed of roses, it wasn’t a bed of thorns either: It’s a combination of both which gives us the right environment for us to grow and be strong.

… And that… without what I have been through, I wouldn’t have known what is it be to live my own life.

OK, enough of that: Prepare for the longest entry I ever typed up until now! …probably not :p, as I planned to make it a six parter, just that I try to complete it by today or tomorrow :).

January 2005 — The External Transformation Begins

… from being a failure, to having great achievements, to having an emotional roller coaster ride… As much as I feel tired at times, but I’m really glad to have these experiences, it does gave me a chance to see that there’s much more things in life to do.” — January 7, 2005

I don’t know… probably we might not get to meet in the future… which is something that I’m afraid of. But I’m just glad to see them around and to be by their side for a slight moment ;).” — January 14, 2005


The Felix Makeover BEGINS! 😄 Basically the whole month is about making a 180 degree turn in terms of my appearance when I spent a lot of time, money and effort. It’s basically started when I planned to “shock” everybody during the Chinese New Year, but it really had changed me completely. Basically my physical appearance that I had now all starts from there.

And I believe starting from that time, I started to fool around with my digital camera and shared tons of pictures, showing fragments of what I have seen and part of my own personal life.

Then, it’s me winning the eGenting Programming Competition 2004, which apparently is my stepping stone towards my own working life as I entered the department with that qualification.

In terms of emotional development, somehow I was still recovering from the pains that I have experienced in the past: Bean, Choon Hui and Erika. But it really starts to open the window for me to explore my own viewpoints in relationship and love.

… And more down to earth, back at school, I’m starting to struggle with my final year project, and I started to attend Japanese classes :).

Speaking of which… I did done a review of the year 2004 in my life. But I never got round to complete it, but anyway.

February 2005 — Shopping, Eurobeat and Sadness

All I wanted to say is… I’ll always be the same deep down, but there’re some things that will never be the same anymore.” — February 1, 2005

It’s OK to be a little bit odd, it’s OK if I got sidelined… But I’ll be there blooming my flowers with my purest heart.” — February 3, 2005


February isn’t really a very high month to me, as I have been into some emotional lows as I feel the intense pain as I started my journey in seeking the meaning of love.

On a lighter note, my makeover plans really made an impact: The fire and ice style does really shout for themselves :p. It also a time when I start to take Japanese more seriously, and I completed the basic Japanese course on that month as well.

And it’s probably the month when my music CD collection expands exponentially, especially my Eurobeat CD collection. But I also started to expand my own exposure in different genres.

[To be continued…] March & April 2005

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