The 2006 Resolution

Seh Hui Leong

Annual Review

Phew… what a blogathon today. I almost spent the whole day just typing out my entries (and yet I still need to finish two more parts ^-^||).

Anyway, let me just review my own life goals back in 29 June 2005:

  • Complete the basic framework for two of my sites: website) and (Malaysian Parapara Fantasy), which should include at least all the content inherited from my past works together with a flexible site building framework for me to update my site with ease

    Reality check: Hmm… Honestly speaking, this goal is no where from being achieved. But I’m starting on some simple projects for, as I’m trying to tackle it bit by bit.

  • Learn Japanese to a level that I’m able to at least read, write and converse in basic Japanese (which, by definition, means that I’m able to go around and understand materials meant for elementary pupils in Japan)

    Reality check: This one, on the other hand, is considered achieved. As I can read and write some basic Japanese.

  • Attain an asset of RM10,000

    Reality check: Excluding the loan, I have manage to save up to about RM7000~8000. Not bad for my first try, but if the loan was to be taken into account, I’m now in debt with the amount of around RM16,000 ^-^||. But anyway… 😛

2006 New Year Resolution

  • Continue to expand Probably focusing first on The Digital Blue Wave and the creation of Yappari! no Sekai de and ParaGroove! website, then working slowly towards the main site (PEDAGOGIES)
  • Attain an asset of RM25,000 (without considering my study loan)
  • Learning my Japanese until I’m able to comprehend more advance material. Ideally I should be able to understand what Ayu is singing without looking at the lyrics booklet, checking out the latest news in Avex’s website and The ability to understand Japanese anime is a bonus :).

I’ll maintain these three inherited from 2005 first, but with a higher bar this time round :).

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