Portfolio: In Hues of Blue — Blueprint

'Blueprint of In Hues of Blue'

Seh Hui Leong


Here’s a blueprint of the final LJ layout:

'Blueprint of In Hues of Blue'

The colors are painstakingly hard to pick, as it’s really hard to create some warmth with blue alone. But luckily some white, teal and indigo (?) and toned-down contrast helped to ignite the warmth in the design. I didn’t use much pictures though :/, I wonder whether this will make it too flat since there aren’t much texture in it. (Or should I think positive and call it minimalistic? XD) Studying the HTML structure of my layout does make it look easy for me to apply this as soon as possible :).

As for my day, I’m still hovering with the thoughts yesterday, still trying to reposition myself somewhat… Well… at least this is much more easier than the CODS (Crush Over-Dwelling (Dependent? :p) Syndrome) I’m not that emotionally driven that I can’t concentrate on any work at all.

[:: Update @ 11:30pm ::]

This is the actual HTML and CSS implementation of it:

'Final implementation'

I have to cut some design elements away, but overall I’m happy with it. I’ll get the layout up by Tuesday :).

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