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'April - Signature art' by Seh Hui

Seh Hui Leong


Just bought a new modem :), so that means that I’ll continue with my daily updates from now on :).

These few days (including today) isn’t getting too well, as I’m not feeling so well due to the fluctuating weather from hot to cold (extremely hot during shines, then extremely cold with heavy downpour) and lack of sleep during my exam preparations. But luckily my last paper is on next Tuesday, so I still have time to get myself recovered from it.

Just a recap, my combinatronics paper was pretty easy, but somehow the marks allocation for each question is extremely steep and I did quite some careless mistakes in my paper. I hope that I didn’t get anything less than a B because of that.

Then these few days has seen me wanting somebody intimate… REALLY badly. 😛

… And… I made a new signature image for myself. Basically this signature is to commemorate the end of my university life, looking back, I had a lot of good and bad times for the past two years, but they are really precious to me as I have grown up a lot because of these experiences :). Personally I find SPEED’s April -Theme of “Dear Friends”- extremely fitting the whole graduation thing (Hmm… most Japanese schools’ graduation is on April, if I’m not wrong?) and my own feelings, so I included part of the lyrics as well in the signature.

'New signature image'

There! That’s about it :). Will be signing papers for my job tomorrow, so wait for the good news :).

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