From My Portfolio: Computer Vision & Intelligent Systems (CVIS) Group Poster for Open Day

Seh Hui Leong


PHEW! That’s a mouthful :p. (I mean the title)

Anyway, things have been pretty slow today, which is not really a good thing considering the fact that I only had that much time to revise for my exam.

I designed a poster for Dr Tay yesterday for the Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems (CVIS) Group. Basically this poster is going to be displayed during our university’s open day and my final year project will be presented there as well. 😊

Old Design

'Old CVIS Poster Design'

Image hosted by

New Design

'New CVIS Poster Design'

And yes I’m still experimenting with some simple vector arts in these :). And recently I have been spending time experimenting with new colours schemes, so this time round I fool around with contrasting colours (magic pink and earth green tones) and pastel like colours. I really like how the colours turns out for one thing. And yeah I did cheat on the eyes part as I used the tracing feature of Inkscape :p.

What else… yeah, I’m getting closer to nailing down the job, hopefully I’ll get it :).

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